Create, add and improve business value through informed technology choices.

Why CIO Services?

The challenge for CIOs is to deliver an innovative IT environment. Your organization should be agile and able to respond rapidly to changing market requirements within the business, while sustainably controlling costs. Your IT team needs not only to boost its process support through globally harmonized and locally individualized (legacy) systems, but also – and particularly – to support digital innovations.

Use our Outsourced CIO services to promote innovations that add high value to your business while accepting risk! An overview of our CIO consulting services can be found here. Or visit in person and find out what we can do for you.

The Solution

Technology is advancing rapidly. Successful organizations have to do with this. They continually increase their competitive edge, reinvent the complexity of serving users, and meet customer expectations.

This dynamism makes it difficult for companies with limited internal resources to explore and tap into the vast potential of innovation and digital transformation. Innovation is about aligning technology with business plans, enabling organizations to leverage the tools and solutions they need for continuous improvement. Seeing costs time and money. And often none of the three is in abundance.

Reasons Why CIO as a Service is Right for Your Business whether you are SME, MSME or Large Organization.

The fast paced nature of technology has meant that a growing number of companies have seen the advantages of enlisting the services of a fanatical Chief Information Officer. The overarching role of a CIO is to develop and oversee the implementation of IT strategies so as to keep up the organization’s competitive edge, while staying in line with their financial and operational goals. It’s a very specialist role and one that needs flexibility, agility and, above all, the power to stay au fait, move quickly with updating technology.

The Role of the Chief Information Officer

In any business, technology plays a huge and important role not only in day-to-day operations, but also in the growth of the organization. This is why getting it right CIO Solution is so important, and failure to invest in the right technology, software and strategy can lead to lag in efficiency and maintaining competitive advantage.

Our CIO will develop strategies that are aligned with a company’s identified goals and overall vision, to confirm that the technology engaged is functioning in tandem towards their broader priorities. Because they work with and report back to the senior management of an organisation, the role establishes a solid connection between IT and operational leadership. Having an infatuated professional who understands the challenges of both business and technology allows them to form more practical and profitable solutions to drive growth within the organisation.

The Risks of Not Having a CIO

There are many long-term and short-term risks of not having a CIO to oversee a company's IT. Without a professional to focus on technology, the organization may run a very real risk of not keeping pace with technological advancement, and thus fail to identify profitable opportunities to capitalize on the growth and development of operational strategies.

Likewise, identifying critical issues and challenges to productivity and operations is often overlooked, and the effect is that the longer they go undiagnosed, the harder these issues become to resolve.


Future Proofing Business

An experienced, dedicated CIO affords a corporation the peace of mind that their IT assets and methods don't seem to be only working appropriately for them, but that they’re also focused on future proofing their organization by remaining at the leading edge instead of trailing competitors. By improving a company's IT efficiency and productivity in line with their larger business goals, they are able to deliver and implement solutions to grow a business and increase profitability.

If this service interests you and you wish to discuss it further, please contact one of our CIO consultants. Our CIO consultants are happy to discuss your business needs.

Sanfinity’s CIO Services will help you achieve your targets to:

  • Proactively shape IT innovation at the level of business units
  • Protect the agility and responsiveness of your IT organization over time
  • Optimal support for business and technological innovation with the latest IT solutions and technologies
  • Understand the benefits and value contributions of information technology

How our CIO Services work?

Develop a target image
  • Case design for change and vision.
  • Development of the roadmap and planning.
Focus and mobilize
  • Involve management and organization.
  • Define work areas and business case. Assessment of readiness for IT transformation. .
Design and introduce
  • Changing the communication planning design Define maturity, scope and concept.
  • Organization and process design.
Convert and implement
  • Change and dependency management.
  • Communicate and develop the Ambassadors of Change.
  • Presentation of IT roles, committees and processes, as well as the ERP of the CIO. countries launched.
Manage challenges
  • Stakeholder and risk management communication and change management.
  • Knowledge transfer and training.
  • Organizational and theoretical compatibility of possible profit increase

Our offering:

  • Systems robustness, scalability, agility, security and compliance; Provide visibility and metrics for key IT projects that are delivered on cost, quality, and timelines
  • Accurate capital expenditure / OPEX budget planning / forecasting against the best solutions for current and future needs when there is a demand for complete marketing for core services that ensure value for money.

Reduction of Total cost of ownership, with creation of consistent and transparent board reporting .

What To Expect

Our dedicated and expert approach to minimizing business risk and maximizing IT value follows a proven three-step process once the scope of work is agreed.

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    • Identify existing "pain points"/ red flags
    • Clarify business and commercial requirements
    • Define scope with key stakeholders
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    • Complete gap analysis
    • Develop a business-oriented recovery/strategic plan
    • Identify cost-saving initiatives
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    • Revise your strategic plan for success
    • Monthly, Quarterly, Half yearly an Yearly report packages are available
    • Implementation of cost reduction initiatives

What services can you expect from a our Virtual CIO?

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    Think about future needs so IT can meet business needs.

  • 02

    Governance & Compliance

    Ensure that IT and the business work together to communicate, make better decisions and work towards the same goals.

  • 03


    Identify, track and manage anything that could impact your IT operations.

  • 04

    Service Delivery

    Ensure your business receives the best possible customer service from your IT department.

  • 05

    Knowledge & Information

    Effective capture and structuring of corporate and IT knowledge and information.

  • 06


    Advice on hardware, software and outsourced IT services.


Our Working Process To Help Your Boost Your Business

Idea & Analysis Gathering

We create pixel perfect web & mobile app designs that are visually appealing and foster your identity.

Designing & Developing

We create pixel perfect web & mobile app designs that are visually appealing and foster your identity.

Testing & Lunching

We create pixel perfect web & mobile app designs that are visually appealing and foster your identity.

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